Quad Support Dog Wheelchairs

Heavy-Duty Quad Support For Your Dog

Quad Chairs are for rehabilitation following cervical disc injury/surgery, for pets born with balance issues, or for pets that have generalized weakness in all four limbs but are otherwise healthy. A Quad Chair will support the front and rear of the pet. The Quad Chair allows the legs to touch the ground, but still have the weight supported. The Quad chair allows you to control the amount of weight the pet bears on all limbs and allows for full range of motion.


The response to our Quad Chair has been overwhelming, a much needed device for pets that require more assistance than a regular wheelchair provides. If you have any questions regarding the Quad Chair or any of our products, please let us know


A Quad Chair includes: Front and Rear Support Sling, Belly Support Strap, Rear Leg Slings, and full length frame. The Quad Chair converts from a Full Support Chair to a Rear Only support chair for rehabilitational use. 


Front and Rear Support Slings- included with quad wheelchair purchase
Made of ultra thick orthopedic grade neoprene with nylon back on one side and a luxurious fleece lined inner layer for the ultimate in comfort and suport. Gives you two ways to help your pet! Provides ample support yet does not constrict your pet's natural movements while in the wheelchair. Comfortable, soft neoprene shell with looped webbing support underneath. Also can be used separately as a hand held carrier to assist your pet for short trips to answer nature's call, going up/down stairs, getting in/out of the car, etc. Our support slings are made to order for each pet so that we may accommodate your pet's needs. Designed to allow your pet to urinate and defecate while wearing, keeping your pet cleaner and drier. 

General Features Include:

  • Light Weight Frame- Yet strong enough to easily support large breed pets weighing up to 250 pounds. We've made wheelchairs for pets from under a pound to over 250 pounds.
  • Pneumatic Wheels- Air filled tires with a sealed maintenance free bearing cartridge to give your pet the most comfortable ride available. Allows your pet to maneuver over a wide variety of terrain- grass, gravel, sand, pavement, and rocky, uneven terrain.
  • Stirrups, allow pets without sufficient use of the rear legs to rest their legs comfortably. If the pet is able to move the legs, it allows the pet to exercise the rear legs by kicking back and forth. Note: At any time your pet is in the wheelchair, you have the option of leaving the rear legs up or down, depending on the terrain your pet is walking over and your pet's ability to use its rear legs.
  • "Walking" Axle- Allows pets to use the wheelchair with the rear legs down. Our innovative design allows for greater clearance over large obstacles, which is a real bonus for vertically challenged, active pets like our dog Ben.

Refer to our Online Measurements Chart or download our printable Measurement Chart for the measurements needed.

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Some Of Our Happy Customers

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime

Thank you again and again and again for the gift you've given this special little guy. Sincerely, Rustin Bodiker Optimus Prime ...


I can't put into words how happy it makes me to see my 12.5 yo GS run around again!


I'm a veterinarian and have seen a few carts over the years but today I saw an 80lb german shepherd in one of your carts and it was pretty much awe...

Skyler Swain
Skyler Swain

You guys have made Skyler Swain the happiest dog! Thanks so much! Lynn Swain