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If your dog has a degenerative condition it is best to begin dog wheelchair use before your pet loses its ability to walk on its own. This will allow your dog to maintain better muscle tone in both the front and rear legs as the wheelchair allows your dog to exercise more intensely and for a longer duration of time. Doggon' Wheels dog wheelchairs make an excellent tool for rehabilitation as you can control the amount of weight your pet places on the rear legs. Pets can also urinate and defecate while in the wheelchair. If your dog has had surgery and only needs to use the wheelchair for short term rehabilitation, call about our leasing program.


Doggon' Wheels dog wheelchairs are custom made to your pets measurements, weight and activity level. It normally only takes us 3 days to build your pet's wheelchair, plus shipping time. This time may vary as it is based on the number of orders to be filled. Next Day Service for Rear Support Wheelchairs may be available for an additional fee- please call 1-888-736-4466 for details. Quad Wheelchairs take one week to complete. Front Support Wheelchairs will take 1-2 weeks.


We offer the best return policy in the industry because we know our products are well made, but not every pet may adapt or be suited to using a wheelchair. We give you 30 days for your pet to test drive his/her wheelchair. If you need to return the wheelchair for any reason at the end of those thirty days, you may do so for a refund of 70%. The 30% deduction goes to cover all non-reusable items and labor spent refurbishing the chair to new condition upon its return. The support sling is yours to keep as is any item worn by your pet as these are items that we are unable to re-use due to the nature of their use.


We warranty our wheelchair frames for the life of your pet under normal use. (Warranty does not apply to items worn by your pet or items that will wear out such as tires). We make every effort to assist a wide variety of pets with different disabilities. We have made wheelchairs for dogs, cats, rabbits, goats,deer, opossums, skunks, pigs, rats, guinea pigs, miniature ponies, ferrets and lemurs. If you have a pet with special needs, please contact us to see what we can do to help your pet enjoy an active lifestyle.

We make wheelchairs for a variety of needs. Please make a selection at the right for the type of wheelchair your pet needs or view our frequently asked questions section.

Why Choose Our Wheelchairs?

  • Our wheelchairs work with small dogs & pets
  • Our wheelchairs work with large dogs & pets
  • We make custom fitted wheelchairs
  • We Also Carry Used Wheelchairs
  • Exclusive Wheelchair Booties (Paw Protectors)
  • We also manufacture Wheelchair Accessories
  • #1 Choice Of Vetenarians & Educational Institutions
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He is now walking up to 1 mile daily with his pack (2 other pugs), sometimes leading the pack in pace! You were helpful when we had questions ...


If it weren't for your wheels, she would not be the incredible dog she is today. She is amazing in her wheels!!! Thank you!

Skyler Swain
Skyler Swain

You guys have made Skyler Swain the happiest dog! Thanks so much! Lynn Swain

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime

Thank you again and again and again for the gift you've given this special little guy. Sincerely, Rustin Bodiker Optimus Prime ...