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To our valued Doggon Wheels clients,

Hello! I am honored to introduce myself to you as the new owner of Doggon Wheels. My name is Dr. Jenny Moe. Some of you may know me, many may not. I am a physical therapist of 18 years, certified canine rehabilitation therapist since 2009. My husband Ron and I will be moving Doggon Wheels to our home of San Francisco, where we look forward to working with you all. I’d love to take a minute to tell you more about us.

My background prior to landing in the animal rehab field was in pediatrics. I loved working with wheelchairs, assistive devices, bracing, and other ideas to help my patients have more independence and joy in their lives. When I was lucky enough to land in the animal rehab field, I definitely put my previous experience to use with my animal patients. I came to love Doggon Wheels as my favorite cart company early on, and have relied on them over the years. When I heard that Doggon was potentially closing its doors, I was devastated - not only for the family, but at the idea of losing this wonderful company for the animal community. I decided to reach out and offer my support, and thank them for the many years of service to my patients. Lori mentioned that they were considering buyers, and I just couldn’t pass up that opportunity!

Ron has always loved animals and wanted to find a way to help them besides fostering - this was just the perfect fit for the both of us. Ron’s background as a drafter in structural engineering lends his careful eye to the precise building process of the Doggon carts. He is having a blast learning how to perfect the engineering steps, and I am loving hand-crafting each harness and saddle for your clients. It is fascinating seeing what goes into each and every cart - I am so excited to be on the other side and lend my expertise as a PT to the business.
If you are a bit more curious about my professional background, I’m happy to share! I have both a Master’s (January 2003) and Doctorate (2007) in physical therapy from Boston University, and earned my certified canine rehabilitation therapist (CCRT) credentials from the Canine Rehabiliation Institute in 2010 - courses in late 2009, internship in 2010. Much like I found this opportunity, I fell into the opportunity to work for an amazing specialty veterinary practice in the Bay Area in September 2009. I grew the emerging rehab practice at SAGE Veterinary Centers in Campbell and San Mateo (now Redwood City) from one part-time location to two busy full-time locations. I had the opportunity to work with just about any kind of rehab case you could imagine for dogs and cats. After many years of working alongside brilliant surgeons, neurologists, and other amazing specialists, I decided to open a practice in Lake Tahoe in late 2018 - Pawesome PT in Stateline, NV. At the end of 2019, several factors led us to decide to return to the SF Bay Area.

I now have a home-based animal practice that focuses on my specialty in manual therapy, particularly myofascial release (John F. Barnes method) and craniosacral therapy, called Moe Love Myofascial Release. I have maintained my relationship with SAGE, working on a monthly basis, but will now be fully stepping away to focus on serving the Doggon Wheels clients. I hope to lend my practiced PT eyes to your cases and together with Ron’s creativity and skill in manufacturing, we will honor Doggon Wheels’ legacy and grow as we find our footing in the business.
We will be supervised closely in the shop by our two cattle dogs, Murray and Miko, and cats as well!
Thank you for trusting us with your dear clients. I look forward to getting to know all of you as we continue on this journey. Ron and I are truly honored to be taking care of the Doggon Wheels legacy. We will do our best to take care of each and every pet with the utmost care and send each cart out with love. We will start accepting orders for rear wheel carts, parts, and soft goods (harnesses, support slings, stirrups) on January 18, 2021. As we perfect our process and procedures, we will expand to quad carts hopefully by the end of 2021. I do understand the significant need for the quad carts and hope to offer those to your clients in early 2022. Please do reach out if you need anything, or to just say hello! We can still be reached at doggonwheels@gmail.com.

Jenny and Ron Moe

jenny and ron
jenny and ron

Thank You Doggon' Wheels

Over 20 Years Helping Disabled Pets All Over The World!

Doggon' Wheels is a small company with over 40 years combined experience in meeting the needs of disabled pets. When owners Chad and Lori first began working with disabled pets in 1994 they realized the products being offered were not ideal for long term use or rehabilitation. After developing the products and working with veterinarians for their feed back on the design, Doggon' Wheels was launched. The products were well received by the veterinary health care community and word of mouth quickly spread- you'll find Doggon' Wheels products in use at major veterinary teaching hospitals around the world as well as in use by veterinarians for their own dogs (see our testimonials). Additionally our wheelchair are used by physical and hydro therapists to help aid in the rehabilitation of their clients.

Doggon' Wheels has earned an excellent reputation over the years for providing quality products and unrivaled customer support.

BennyAssisting Chad and Lori at Doggon' Wheels:

Benny has been Doggon' Wheels spokesdog since 1998. Benny was hit by a car at 10 months of age but his wheelchair has enabled him to lead a very active life and be a big part of Lori and Chad's family. He's back packed as many as 7 miles in one day while in his wheelchair,gone camping, and hiking and to the beach, over fields, over rocks, and over anyone's toes who stand in his way! He continues to amaze everyone with his zest for life and charming personality :-)